5 Must Have for Your Next "Renegade" Golf Adventure (Pst…none of them are clubs)

5 Must Have for Your Next "Renegade" Golf Adventure (Pst…none of them are clubs)

Your clubs are the most important thing in your golf bag, right? Not necessarily. As an amateur golfer, adding various elements to your golf experience can make for a more fun, enjoyable, and relaxing time. Even in a competitive round, you have to make sure you have everything you need to perform as the best version of yourself. We’ve provided you with a list of five things that everyone should have in their bag to bring the optimal level of enjoyment to their golf round:

Check out Renegade Golf’s list of five things we think everyone should have in their bag to have the most enjoyable golf round possible.

1. Bluetooth Speaker

The foundation of any great golf round is 100% the music experience. Although being able to chat with your playing partners is definitely a part of the golf round, a playlist can set the mood for the entire day. The most important thing is to stay consistent with your music. If you’re going to play trap music, don’t try to switch it up with some smooth R&B in between.                             

There is nothing worse than a genre switch when you’re in the middle of the game vibing to a melody. Always ask your playing partners or the people around you if the volume or music playing is okay. Rarely will they say no but if they do, headphones are always an option.

2. Cigar (or smoking preference) 

While Renegade Golf doesn’t know what state you chose to golf in, we do urge you to smoke responsibly. Every person I have ever played with has had some sort of preference for why the desire to smoke the plant of their choice. Personally, my game takes a bit of a step back while under the influence but when you’re +25 at the turn, why not!? Cigars are a great one-two punch to add with golf because outdoors it is easier to disperse the smoke smell. A good cigar will last you just about the entire round and makes for a classic renaissance, gentlemanly look. 

3. Your favorite cocktail

Beer is a staple on the golf course, but we don’t recommend extra calories being consumed for the heck of it. Save the beer for an after round chat or post game lunch. A nice cocktail will do the trick of getting you that buzz you crave while making things more conversation between you and your playing partners. I would completely recommend a Yeti cup filled with ice and your favorite mixer when you leave the house before the round. Keep a small bottle of your favorite spirit in the bag and pour up a little more for each bogey. 

4. Mid round snack 

Keep your mid round / mid range session snack on deck. If you’re out for a long day of golf you might be motivated to end early because of hunger. Head to your nearest grocery store to find some snacks that will not perish and can withstand being left in your car or golf bag for for a while. Recommended snacks include nuts, crackers, and healthy chips. A lot of people find that fruit is their preference for a mid round boost.  

5. Business Cards / Your Hustle

If you are an entrepreneur, business person, or have your own brand of any sorts then golf is the best sport for you. You have the opportunity to discuss your work or passions at length. The best part of discussing your hustle on the golf course is that most of the time people feel comfortable with you and are willing to give you honest feedback. Folks say business deals get closed on the golf course and the main reason is because of the relationship building. 


Sure golf is played with golf clubs and balls. You want to have at least one club at your disposal when going to the range. However, if you’re looking for a good time or just want to work on your game, then look no further than our five essentials. We guarantee you they’ll transform your whole golf experience. 

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