Renegade Golf Becomes First Ever Black Owned Golf Company to Land on USGA Conforming Equipment List

Renegade Golf Becomes First Ever Black Owned Golf Company to Land on USGA Conforming Equipment List

[ATLANTA - 11/2/2022] Today, Renegade Golf became the first ever black-owned golf equipment company to achieve conformance to the Rules of Golf established by the United States Golf Association (USGA) for its Renegade Mbu premium line of golf balls. The list, published on Nov. 2, is the first to ever feature a 100 percent minority owned and operated golf ball company and adds to a year of significant growth. 

The Atlanta-based Renegade Golf Company named their preeminent golf ball after an Igbo (Nigerian) word meaning “first" as an ode to its cultural roots. The ball was officially released in May of 2022 but is now officially legal for play in any round of golf played under the Rules of Golf, as established by the USGA and The R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland. Renegade accompanies many of the largest brands (i.e Titleist and Callaway) in the golf space on the list as they seek to expand their reach to customers worldwide. 

The Renegade Mbu is a three-piece TPU golf ball that offers premium feel and performance at a lower price than many of its competitors. The ball is designed for golfers with average to high swing speeds and who desire length off the tee while maintaining high spin with their irons and driver. 

The new conforming status of the Renegade Mbu also allows the company to support the next generation of great golfers through their golf balls. Renegade has launched a 2023 Player Scholarship program designed to help families decrease the cost burden of competitive golf through financial support.

 "This accomplishment is significant to me due to the number of "glass ceilings" it could break down in the golf equipment space, Our companies have traditionally been in the apparel market but historically have been excluded from the equipment necessary to play the game.” says Kenneth Duncan, CEO of Renegade, “the acknowledgement of the USGA conformance will be a ‘door opener’ to additional inclusion and increased diversity in the golf retail space."


About Renegade Golf Company

Renegade Golf Company was founded in 2019 by two 26-year-old University of Georgia graduates with the goal to make golf more affordable and accessible for people of all demographics and economic backgrounds. After starting almost exclusively with golf bags in 2021, the partners endeavored to create an affordable golf ball with above average performance for the “average golfer". Accompanied by a strong consultant with extensive industry experience, Renegade worked with their lead design consultant to manage “Project Mbu.”. They plan to expand their golf ball line in early 2023 with the release of the “Mbu Black” For more information, please visit


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Please include seniors with a low swing speed by including a low compression golf ball in your inventory.

Will Charles

Would like to be apart of this company I am a golf pro teacher and fitness instructor and played former member of the Sunbelt Sr pro tour my cell 848-469-6004 thank you

Joseph Jackson

What’s the cost of the ball snd.does it have a soft feel around the green

Grafton Randle

The Renegade golf ball is great off the tee and provide good performance on the greens.

Congratulations on producing a great product.

Vinson Freeman

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