Renegade Mbu - The Performance Questions You’ve Been Waiting For

Renegade Mbu - The Performance Questions You’ve Been Waiting For

When it comes to the game of golf, finding that ultimate game-changer product can be a bit of a quest. Every single big brand is looking to sell you marketing telling you they have the hottest new product. If you want to know a secret (shh)…the ProV1 from 2018 is every bit as good as the one from 2023. There are the 1-2% of golfers who really need to know their “dimple/flight pattern relationship” or “smash factor as it relates to core compression” but if you’re reading this…all of that probably made ZERO sense to you.

I’d be willing to bet you're searching for a ball that not only delivers exceptional performance but also represents your personal values be it “bang for the buck”, “performance” (winning those skins or your personal low round), or company values (i.e diversifying the game). When the biggest brands like Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade drop a golf ball; you will find sites like MyGolfSpy and Golf Ball Hot List covering them with all the comparisons and performance characteristics that give you the go-ahead, but with Renegade Golf balls none of that exists so let us give you the scoop!

Comparable Performance with the Big Boys!

First and foremost, with the Renegade Mbu, you're not just getting a golf ball – you're joining a community that's changing the norms, making golf a more affordable, inclusive, and accessible game without sacrificing quality in its products so we try not to compare our brand to anybody else, because there isn’t a good one! Our impact on diverse communities and our commitment to growing the game really makes all our products stand out but beyond that…the Renegade Mbu is not going to force you to sacrifice in any one area of your game. 


The ball’s soft core will allow you great distance off the tee while the firm TPU (urethane, not ionomer folks!)  outer layer allows for a better greenside spin with wedges and irons. The ball is truly engineered for lower driver spin and higher iron spin which is why this golf ball caters to golfers of all skill levels. Whether you're a new golfer looking for the best golf ball to start with or an average golfer seeking to improve your game, the Renegade Mbu golf ball delivers high level performance, round after round. If you’re looking for a comparison in the compression and feel department, think about the Vice Pro, Bridgestone Tour B series, or Srixon Z Star. The best comparison for the Mbu cover is a thermoplastic urethane (the same material used for balls such as the Callaway SuperSoft and OnCore Elixr). For the people who say cast urethane is the only way to go…just know that there are like 6 solid balls out there that have it and hundreds that don’t that are played by tour players worldwide.

Per MyGolfSpy’s “Golf Ball compression guide”There isn’t an absolute correlation between compression and spin, but the nature of low compression golf balls limits how much spin can be designed into the ball. renegade golf balls review

Durability That Lasts:

From the first tee to the final hole, the Renegade MBU maintains its performance and quality, ensuring that you're equipped to play your best game every time you step onto the course.

Crafted with a durable cover and a resilient core, the Renegade MBU delivers consistent performance round after round. Whether you're executing delicate shots around the greens or shaping your ball flight with precision, this ball provides the durability you need to confidently tackle any shot. 

Save a couple of bucks!

At Renegade, we believe that exceptional golf balls shouldn't come with an exorbitant price tag. We aren’t alone in this because Vice, Cut, Snell, and Kirkland also got the memo. Value and impact are why we've created the Renegade Mbu, because it’s a ball that offers remarkable performance without breaking the bank. While other golf balls on the market may cost a fortune, the Renegade MBU gives you access to top-tier performance at a fraction of the price giving every golfer should have the opportunity to play their best game without draining their wallet.

We offer golf ball subscription options, saving you time and money. No more running to the store or worrying about running out of balls mid-round. With our subscription plans, you can customize your deliveries to fit your needs.

Distinctive Design and Personalization

Part of being a Renegade is the power of self-expression, and that's why we have distinctive designs and customizable options for our Mbu golf balls. From adding your initials or logo to choosing a color that reflects your style, you can personalize your Renegade MBU to make it truly your own. 

You’ll also find limited edition releases from licensed partners like Divine 9 organizations including Omega Psi Phi and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

Still not committed to buying a dozen?

So guess what…we have created a ball that is in the same league, some would say even better, than your favorite golf ball competitors like Callaway, Bridgestone, and yes…even Titleist. Our dedication to quality and performance has not only gained Renegade Mbu recognition from leading publications like Forbes and African Americans Golf Digest but allowed us to become the first black-owned golf company to have achieved conformance status, established by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Thousands of golfers have purchased our new Renegade Mbu and over 120 reviews have been posted with 98% of them 4 or 5 star!


You can shop the Renegade Mbu golf balls online at, plus stay tuned for the highly anticipated expansion of our golf ball line this fall with the release of Renegade Mbu Black. Subscribe to our mailing list to learn more about our upcoming releases, exclusive discounts, and special offers on all our golf gear and accessories. team renegade

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