This is not your grandfather’s golf company. We bring new, affordable, stylish, and customized products that will encourage you to be yourself, everywhere. 

Our Origin Story | Renegade Golf | Changing Golf Culture from Renegade Golf


 Renegade Golf was founded in 2019 on the idea that golf should be more of an inclusive sport where individuals of all demographics and economic backgrounds feel welcome to play. When looking at traditional golf marketing and country club environments, there is an apparent lack of diversity, innovation, and progress that keeps the game stagnant. Renegade Golf provides a fresh, genuine, trendy, and needed push towards a golf brand made for the modern golfer.

Renegade Golf is committed to being a part of the community through golf education, inclusive events, and programming. We strive to provide content, instruction, and products to a diverse community of individuals who can learn the game of golf while being the real, authentic version of themselves. 

The co-founders, Kenneth Duncan(right) and Drew McLeod(left), bringing significantly different perspectives to the game, have built a cohesive vision to “Defy the Status Quo” set in golf. Kenneth has been playing golf for over 15 years, sports a single-digit handicap, and is deeply involved in local Atlanta golf. Drew took up the game after joining the company and has since lent a new perspective regarding how he wants to learn, dress, and feel “like himself” in the new golf space.

 We are committed to maintaining a local presence regardless of our size, and we are glad to be a part of your future golf vision. Reach out to us to say hello or subscribe to our email list to maintain updates on new releases and upcoming events.